Custom Wall Decor

Many stories to tell

We were commissioned to create custom wall decor for the restaurant, Flaming Chilli Pepper in New Delhi. The owners who are bird watchers wanted to tell stories about birds through the wall decor.

We worked on three types of decorations for them – wall luminaries, plate engravings and illustrations.

The Wall luminaries told four stories of birds. One shows a Sarus Crane Dance. The second one shows two Flamingos in their natural habitat hunting for food. The third one shows  a male Hornbill feeding its mate in the tree hollow through a hole. The fourth one shows a Woodpecker, pecking away.  Each light piece has been individually illustrated, laser cut and fit with LED lights.

Individually illustrated and engraved, each plate has a different bird story to tell. Subtle and complex, they complement the wall luminaries without cluttering the space.

Finally, to tie the interiors together, detailed water colour illustrations are framed and hung on the wall.